How to use custom label in html email template salesforce

When you send an email from Salesforce, such as when you use the Send Email button or triggered from a workflow, you can select an email template.

Email Templates in Salesforce come in four different types:. This is the simplest email template to create. You can create it very quickly by entering the email text and including the merge fields that you would like to use. Although this kind of template is easy to create, it does not allow images to be included and tracking of if the email was opened, which is available with the other types.

how to use custom label in html email template salesforce

Often a text email template is used as a notification to internal users, as branding and tracking is not so important. In the example above, an email template has been created to notify of a case assignment. Merge fields for the case number and case subject have been used in the subject, and a number of merge fields selected to be included in the email body. When the email is sent, data from the related record is used to populate the merge fields. You define a letterhead, and then format text and merge fields into the email body.

The example above shows a HTML letterhead template with its various sections. At the top is the header where you can insert a company logo and set the background color. Then there is the email body, where you can again set the background color and insert text and merge fields.

Finally there is the footer where you can insert a different logo and set the color. The letterhead is predefined and can be reused as the basis for your template, and then the text and merge fields added. Formatting controls are available to customize the look of the text. The advantage of using this kind of template is that you get a professional looking email branded with your logos, background colors and formatted text without needing to know any HTML or CSS.

You can enter html, including images remember the images will be hosted by Salesforce and so you must load them into the documents folder and then carefully construct the image URL. Visualforce email templates are used when you need total control of not only the presentation of the email but the data as well. With Visualforce email templates you can:. Skip to toolbar Log In Register. Log In Register. Visualforce Email Templates Visualforce email templates are used when you need total control of not only the presentation of the email but the data as well.

Not recently active.Creating HTML email templates is one of the best ways to control your branding and increase efficiency on your Salesforce. If your company or organization has a Salesforce package, you can use this article to set up Salesforce email templates HTML and send mass emails to your contacts. The best advantage of using custom Salesforce HTML templates is that they can be read by both smartphone devices and computers.

If you have already set up email to case Salesforce functionality, consider setting up new custom made HTML templates and easily track users that receive and read your emails. In order to create custom Salesforce email templates HTML, you must have at least one letterhead or a mail layout template in your Salesforce folders.

To create HTML email templates you must have some permission to edit all public templates from the setup options. On the right side of your computer screen you will see a bunch of HTML email templates that have been created by other users.

In order to keep your work organized, create a new folder for saving you new HTML email templates. Remember that you can always use the schedule reports Salesforce feature every time you want to schedule an email notification.

Save the Template on the folder that you created earlier. Change the template name from default to a name that you can easily remember and refer to your employees or users. The name can only contain alphanumeric characters, underscores and must be unique. Choose a suitable letterhead to add to your email template. Please note that you cannot change the letterhead once you have added it to your email template. If you want to change the letterhead in future, then you will have to create a new HTML email template.

Choose the Email layout for your template. The layout determines how the page layouts, message text, and columns will appear. Choose a suitable description that will serve as a tittle for the email activity and then click next. In the next part of your setup, choose a suitable subject for the email template. Once you are done with all the customization set ups of your template, click on the save button to save your Email template. If you-you have a lot of email quiries to deal with, you can also set email to case Salesforce feature that enables you to solve and deal with different customers inquiries.

If you follow all the guidelines illustrated in the above article, you will realize how easy it is to set up Salesforce email templates HTML.

Custom made HTML email templates allows you to have the best Salesforce experience among any other types of templates.

Skip to content. User Permission Needed 1.Developer Documentation. No results found. Visualforce email templates can leverage custom controllers to render highly customized content. To do so, include a custom component in a Visualforce email template that uses that custom controller.

Remember that all custom components used in Visualforce email templates must have an access level of global. Notice that although the relatedToType attribute is required by the emailTemplate component, it does not have any effect on this example. It has the value of "Opportunity" only to show that it can take an object value that is different than the object used in the custom component.

Sharing settings are enforced if your email templates use a standard controller. If your organization-wide default for the user object is set to Private and you need to access user information such as name and email address in your Visualforce email template, you can use a custom component or custom controller with the without sharing keywords.

For information about sharing for the user object, see User Sharing Overview in the Salesforce online help. GDPR expands the privacy rights of EU individuals and places new obligations on all organizations that market, track, or handle EU personal data.

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Search for an answer or ask a question of the zone or Customer Support. Need help? There is no Hyperlink button that I could find where I can have text go to a specific link. Any help is appreciated. Best Answer chosen by Dave Haney. Jeff May You can't put links in text email templates. If you choose HTML as your template format, you can insert the link.

Dave Haney I have the hyperlink incorrect.Jill Bassett. I would like to be able to use an HTML email signature. If I could paste code into the signature setup box, then I could make my signature for SF emails match those emails sent through Outlook. This would allow for consistency with the corporate signature that we are using companywide.

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Learn more. Post an Idea. All Ideas Idea Details. Upvoted Downvoted. This idea has been merged into another idea.About 20 mins. Email templates are the basis of your email marketing efforts, but they can be tricky. What kind of template is best for your newsletter, product announcement email, or engagement program?

How should you design your template? Where does the call to action go? In this unit, we look at how you create reusable templates in Pardot. We cover some design resources as well. Email templates and creating and sending one-off list emails serve separate purposes in Pardot. The most important difference is this: You can use a template over and over again to create emails, but you can send an email only once.

With an email template, you can create text and HTML email designs and reuse them for engagement programs, autoresponders, one-to-one emails, and list emails. Email template drafts are templates that haven't been published yet. List email drafts are emails that haven't been sent yet. You put a lot of effort into your content-based marketing: You write blog posts, create e-books and white papers, post regularly on social sites, tweet, and so on. You may even generate good content through customer service forums, technical support documentation, and more.

Email campaigns can significantly extend the reach of this valuable content. Even older content is fair game.

How to Change Your Salesforce Email Templates HTML

After you set up your basic information, use the email editor to edit, test, and set up sending for your template. Most people read emails on their mobile devices, so designing with mobile in mind is crucial!

how to use custom label in html email template salesforce

Responsive templates use CSS to resize your emails when viewed on mobile devices. Pardot includes several responsive layouts that you can use to create mobile-friendly email layout templates. When testing an email with a responsive template, preview it by clicking Open in Popup and then manually resizing the window. In the previous unit, we looked at how to set up variable tags and dynamic content for use across your Pardot account, including in email templates.

You have two options for adding variable tags to your email templates. We cover testing in the next unit. Once you build your template, you may not want to give full editing powers to the rest of your team.

How to create hyperlink in custom email template in SF?

You can use content regions to lock down areas of your email templates so that email copy, links, and images can be updated in specific template regions only. You make your content regions editable by adding attribute tags to the HTML elements in your email templates. Pardot regions are locked by default, so if a region doesn't contain one of the attribute tags below, you can't edit it.

You can make your content editable, repeatable, or removable. To make an element and any elements it contains editable, add the pardot-region attribute to the element. Each editable section of your template must contain the pardot-region attribute. Repeatable elements are useful if you want to let other Pardot users copy content, like in an email newsletter with multiple sections. If you want to make an element repeatable, add the pardot-repeatable attribute.

Content inside an element with the pardot-repeatable attribute must also have the pardot-region attribute. In the email editor, any region with the pardot-repeatable attribute has a dropdown menu that lets you duplicate, move, or delete the element.

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If you want to let your users remove an element from an email, add the pardot-removable attribute. This attribute is similar to pardot-repeatableexcept these elements can only be removed, not added.

Create Lightning Email Template in Salesforce

In the next unit, we look at how to effectively test your templates for sending.What you are adding is the url for salesforce. Make sure you place your cursor in the correct area of your email template first. The window will open that will allow you to paste the detail link into. All rights reserved. Various trademarks held by their respective owners. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact Salesforce Customer Support. Powered by Community Cloud.

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how to use custom label in html email template salesforce

Search for an answer or ask a question of the zone or Customer Support. Need help? Id I always need to login even if I am allready logged Does anyone knows the correct URL? Thanks in advance. Susan Riddles What you are adding is the url for salesforce.

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Jessie Zhang DetailLink, that is powerful, thanks. Tony Van Oort This is an old thread and the perfect answer! Does anyone know if it is possible to hide the rather long link in a nice consise word with the link embedded? For example if a workflow triggered by an opportunity closed sends an email to the credit manager and I want to put a link to the opportunity could I put the words "Link to opportunity" and embed the detail link? Tony Van Oort Works great! I did not know that was possible!

Thank you! Tom Gowers On a related note - is it possible to insert a link to that record in the customer community? The DetailLink field contains the link to that record in the Salesforce app, but I want the email to link the customer to that record in the customer community.

Volkov Egor Maximo right. It will work in sandbox and production. Tony Anderson Building from Susan's advice. Opportunity Name.


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